Exhibition Proposal

Creepy Monster
The Life and times of Creepy Monster by Creepy Monster;

Postcards on the Stuff of Life


The opportunity arises for an exhibition of the series The Life and Times of Creepy Monster by Creepy Monster;  Postcards on the Stuff of Life.
This work now consists of close to 300 postcard images navigating Creepy Monster’s response to Life.
Poignant, Pithy and Ponderous these A6 mixed media paintings are intended to be exhibited as one piece; Unframed, they are clipped onto bulldog clips and hung on equally spaced wall nails.
The images would be available for sale in their original, or prints.
This is the first time Creepy Monster will be on exhibit in its entirety.
Creepy Monster has in the past, and would be keen to, incorporate social
media into any exhibition to make it more accessible and interactive.
Creepy Monster has a dedicated following and active presence on Facebook and Twitter and also a WordPress blog.
More images can be seen at https://creepymonster1.wordpress.com/                                Or on Face Book: creepymonster1

If this is of interest, kindly contact Creepy Monster at the addresses below.
Creepy Monster
Twitter: @creepymonster1
Westbury Arts Centre
Foxcovert Drive
Shenley Wood
Milton Keynes


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